Little About Our Company

4Vendeta is experienced and skilled group of engineers, developers, project managers and system administrators. We like a family stand to the not light task to meet with clients needs, who trust in us. With more than 8 years experience, our team strive to upgrade their skills, to be up to date with all new technologies and software. We invest in our efforts to bring all our old clients to be happy like always, in same time win new companies and individual clients.

Our purpose is to meet the requirements of each client, who decide to trust in our services, with every year we put the bar higher. The grown of the company is always been in first place, like all the time we work to improve all services quality and stability. That why we lead the Bulgarian market and have a lot of World client trust in our business.

With the years 4Vendeta build multiple services, which even today succeed to be competitive to the biggest companies in the IT sector. We are specialized in the IT area knowledge, by building high-quality services, which stability is tested all the years of our company evolution. Thanks to that, we build hundreds partnerships with big Bulgarian and World companies.

Like competitive company, we propose our services with perfect quality to accessible prices. Each service coming with qualified support from certified, which giving security for each service and client in every time.

Who We Are

Creating next generation fiber optical transport equipment to fit your challenges.

4Vendeta LTD. provides the entire optical layer transport solution within a highly integrated compact platform, designed for maximum flexibility, easy maintenance and operation, with real pay-as-you-grow architecture, while maintaining a high level of reliability and low cost.

Meet Our Team

Our special chosen team for all needs of our company.

We choose our team carefully for all needs of our provided services. Every single team member is special Certified in his area of work, which is our general target. The leading thing for one company in the world market is his team. This allows us to upgrade our skills and develop our experience.