DARK FIBER (DF) consists of a spare, continuous, fiber optic strand between two accessible terminals within an existing, terminated fiber optic cable sheath. The Dark Fiber is unlit and has no fiber optic transmission equipment (e.g. intermediate repeaters) attached. The Dark Fiber consists of one or more fiber strands (i.e. one pair)


Our extensive experience in all aspects of optical network construction, design and management is at your disposal through professional services:

  • Nx1 fibers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Predictable QoS
  • Standardized
  • Reliable

Service elements

  • Service: sub-type, duration
  • Fibers: number, length
  • Physical locations of end-points
  • SLA: general or specific

Technical Description

ISO OSI – Layer-1
Mode – SM
Cable lead – HDPE or armored
Applicable standards – ITU-T G.652 (and associated)

  • 0.35 dB/km @1310 nm
  • 0.22 dB/km @1550 nm
  • < 0.3 dB/splice
  • SLA: general or specific
Service Demarcation Point (UNI)
  • ODF
  • Direct fiber splice (in fiber-optical muff)
Optical UNI interfaces
  • SC/PC
  • LC/PC
  • Others available upon request