4 Vendeta LTD evolve fiber optic network in Bulgaria on GPON technology

In the moment there is network in Karlovo, Sopot and Anevo. The households in this towns can benefit from new technology advantages. The company plans are until end of 2019 year to make complete coverage from Sopot town to Klisura town.

In practice, the access and transmission, which this technology give, overtaking the content, that mean the transmission environment is with unlimited capacity. The benefits of GPON technology including possibilities for integrated provisioning of HD television, hight-speed internet and phone services with hight quality, all this in one same platform.

All in one solution for communication centres

4vendeta LTD. is specialized in building, maintaince and using calculation centers, centers for store and proccessing data and conncted with us services, maintaining of digital message networks and provision access to internet, voice services, web services, building, design and administrating of the information systems, development and design of websites and applications.