All in one solution for communication centres

4vendeta LTD. is specialized in building, maintenance and using calculation centers, centers for store and processing data and connected with us services, maintaining of digital message networks and provision access to internet, voice services, web services, building, design and administrating of the information systems, development and design of websites and applications.

The development of reliable and security information and communication environment become a priority not only for services operators, but also in big cicle of subject from the business, country administration, counties, utilities, transport, industry, trading, tourism, finances, security and many other areas from our life.

4Vendeta LTD. provide high quality services for building, supporting, evolving and managing of telecommunication and IT infrastructure.

To be Your clients calm for the possibility to communicate, leave care to our team from high - qualified professionals, understand completely your and your clients needs.

Our experience in the complete implementation of massive projects is prove for successful partnership with biggest telecommunication companies in the market .

Collocation of centers for storing and processing data in Bulgaria. Creation and realization of model for migration of dedicated and virtual machines on platforms, design and building of network architecture and communication infrastructure, remote support, provision with needed software and licenses.

Cunsulting, building and support of:

  • Microsoft and Linux/UNIX based server systems;
  • Centers for data realized on VMware/Microsoft platform and connecting with them services for high reliability;
  • IP based phone stations, automatic provisioning of end devices, virtual fax systems, interactive voice receptionists (IVR), conference rooms;
  • Solutions for central managing of identical of users and devices, access to digital resources, automatic managing and configuration of computers and servers in organization released with Microsoft technologies;
  • Complete defense of mail and WEB traffic;
  • Mobile platforms for managing of mobile devices (MDM);
  • Structure-cable systems, building managment (BMS), video access control.

Services for design, development and integration of IS:

  • Research, design and administrating of data bases;
  • Design, integration, support and administrating of information systems.

Services for web development and design:

  • Design, development and web design for websites and eShops;
  • Support 24/7 of websites and online shops;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Design and development of responsive web apps for mobile devices;
  • Logo Design and corporate identity.

Trade services:
Completely organisation for purchase and delivery of information and communication equipment for the client needs.

Contact with us if you need more information how you can work only with one company - from choice of concept for feature evolution of your networks, through complete establishment, to subsequent 24/7 maintenance.