Creative team from young people, started building the name 4Vendeta. In the beginning of the project was focused in the gaming. There was support kind of games, which was developed via the creativity of your team. After they reached minimal succeed with limited number of clients, the team gain courage to populate their services. In June 2009 year, the domain was registered officially, in same time was started the first gaming developed services of 4Vendeta. With many works the modest team until 2011 year, the successes was big and justified. 5000 people daily visited trusted our services. The team continue growing with fast rates and 4vendeta started new projects. With the big amount of visitors and clients with big interest, the team of 4vendeta had to deal with many problems. The permanent grow was one of the biggest problems. The team started need of bigger and more powerful hardware, new TIER operators for better connectivity and of course better network connectives. With the update and development of 4vendeta structure, services became better than ever. The fast and dynamic evolution with new more creative ideas, surprisingly was accepted by all clients. In 2012, 4vendeta officially is registered company. From then started new era of the company progress. The team grew up, like their dreams. Started work in the serious sector, it was the biggest sector, internet connectivity and IP transfer in Bulgarian and International market. 4Vendeta have proven, every day, store trust from their clients and partners. After 4 years hard work in the service building, 4Vendeta LTD can boast with that in 2014 year have 55 partners and more than 120 clients, as they trusted their business in the already experienced team. After the next one success of 4Vendceta LTD and the stored self-confidence by the team, started building infrastructure for interactive services and internet to end clients. The proved experience in that services from the last years gave to 4Vendeta LTD expected uncompromising success.